Regardless of whether you are considering purchasing an investment property, tired of weathering your way through constantly changing legislation with your self-managed property, or exhausted by the revolving door of Property Managers offered by your current agent, we can make the transfer to the stable team at Louise Griffin Property Management seamless and efficient.

Purchased or considering buying a new property?

Let’s get started straight away to give you an indication of potential return.  Being aware of the properties future availability is always an advantage in securing a tenant without delay, reducing the vacancy factor, and improving your potential return from day one.

Transitioning from a self-managed property?

We liaise with your current tenant on a one-to-one basis to establish the foundations of a new relationship.  Particular attention is given to make the transition from your personal relationship transparent and harmonious.  Whether your property is tenanted or vacant when you decide to make the move to Louise Griffin Property Management, you will be required to sign an Appointment Authority with us, and we will take the appropriate steps from there.

Transferring from another Agency?

The process is simple.  Once we have an Appointment Authority in place, we provide you with a letter of termination to your previous agent for signature, arrange for delivery, and make arrangements direct with the agent for collection of your file, relevant documents and keys on the appointed day of termination.  Personal contact is made with your tenant and appropriate documents delivered on the same day.  Our proven procedure ensures a smooth transition of management – and you don’t really need to have any direct involvement.

Change can sometimes be challenging, but our experienced team remove the hard work and decision-making for you.  Contact Louise to take the next step – –or 07 33975877.